[Histonet] working with vibratome sections

Caroline Bass cbass <@t> bidmc.harvard.edu
Thu Aug 30 23:57:18 CDT 2007

Hey guys,

I've been working with some vibratome sections of brain and could use  
some advice.  I sectioned one brain and it came out ok.  The blade  
has a tendency to hang on the last bit of tissue and flip it over  
producing and section with a slight thickening at the end.  Despite  
this I've gotten some good sections, but I'm having some problems  
processing them.  Is it possible to simply immerse some in fix?  What  
is the best way for handling this tissue?  I'd like to take some and  
dissect out the brain regions I'm interested in and use the rest for  
histology.  Currently the sections are 300 microns.  Is this too  
think to coverslip?

I've cut anther brain today and it went horribly, the brain just got  
flattened, it seemed to get squished when the blade came along, I  
could get a cut but it wasn't even, and I couldn't get any useful  
sections.  Any advice?  Are there any online resources for how to  
effectively use the vibratome for brains.



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