[Histonet] fix & mount for clam embryos and sperm?

David A. Wright dw18 <@t> uchicago.edu
Fri Aug 31 12:22:48 CDT 2007

Hello Histonet

We hope next week to fix and mount some fluorescently vitally
stained bivalve (manila clams - (Rudi)Tapes philippinarum)
cleaving eggs and sperm.

For sperm alone, is it better to make a smear of live sperm
and fix on the slide or pre-fix?  Should we use PDL coated
slides? APES? Subbed? SuperFrost Plus? What is the best fixative?

Likewise, any recommendations for attaching cleaving eggs to a
slide? Do shells need to be removed for pre-hatch stages? I am
also concerned that aldehyde fixatives might increase auto-
fluorescence of yolk etc. Any advice there?

There was a recent thread about resin mounting fluorescently
labeled materials.  Any caveats about trying that with our

Thanks, all!
hope you enjoy the long weekend!
David A. Wright PhD
Biological Sciences Division
University of Chicago

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