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  Number of measurements, in this as well as in any "sampling", will depend on the intrinsic variability of what you are measuring as determined by an initial sampling or series of measurements.
  If you are measuring a hemispherical cavity, you have to make sure that all your measurements correspond with the actual diameter, with the real hemisphere and not with a smaller fraction of the sphere, because if you mix them you will end with a extreme variability (deviation) that will require an unrealistic number of measurements.
  Once you determine the actual diameter, measure, lets say ten; then calculate average and standard deviation and with those 2 values, calculate sample size for the degree of precision you want to obtain (at least P<0.05 or P0.95).
  Hope this has not resultted too complex. I am sure that anybody in your institution with statistical background can "decipher" this e-mail.
  René J.

louise renton <louise.renton <@t> gmail.com> wrote:
  Hi all,

I have just been tasked with making some measurements of bony ingrowth into
hydroxyapatite scaffolds. The area of interest is a hemispherical concavity
moulded into the HA. I would like to get into contact with someone who could
advise me on the best type/number/repetitions of measurement, and how the
subsequent data could be reperesented. Any thoughts? It would be much
appreciated as I have no experience in this field at all

best regards

Louise Renton
Bone Research Unit
University of the Witwatersrand
South Africa
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