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Thanks! I cannot  interpret sometimes because it is not my language.Sorry
We have the problem of the milk precipitate and crystallized when keeping 
the solution.

thank you to prevent! we are prepared  to make mortal solutions & know about 
the danger of this technique   May be fatal if inhaled, swallowed, or 
absorbed through skin. May cause irritation. Use only in a chemical fume 
hood. Do not  breathe dust. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, and clothing. 
Wear protective goggles and gloves when handling material. Wash  immediately 
after handling. Keep container tightly closed. Store in a cool, dry place.

Thanks to all!

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There is nothing wrong with your English.
Sorry that I do not have the protocol here.I believe that the point that 
John was trying to make and one with which I wholeheartedly concur is that 
this is a very dangerous chemical and you really need to not only have the 
protocol but understand the reaction and also exercise extreme care. This is 
for your safety and that of those also in your laboratory.
Most protocols do not provide adequete safety instructions for preparation 
of solutions.


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Hi histoneters!
Sorry, you maybe don't understand for my bad expression of the language.I 
don't ask so that  it is used. here are not books Pearse current. I will not 
invest money of my pocket for this stain. I need the simple protocol.  I 
not wanted to buy a book,thanks!

I need this protocol,somebody that has made this reaction for the 
histochemical and ultracytochemical demonstration of glycomacromolecules for 
electron microscopy
TCH was introduced to cytochemistry, in the first adaptation,of the PAS 
reaction, to demonstrate tissue glycomacromolecules for TEM. The reaction 
depends upon selective oxidation of vicinalor 1,2-glycols, ethanolamines, 
a-hydroxyaldehydes, and ahydroxy-ketones.Enhancement of fine structure of 
cytomembranes by the osmium-thiocarbohydrazide-osmium (OTO) bridging. the 
OTO reaction as a simpler alternative to evaporative metal coating for SEM.

Excuse me if I didn't understand

thanks to all!

Ht Agustin Victor Chertcoff

National Institute of Microbiology.Electron Microscopy Service

Municipal Hospital of Gastroenterology

Patology Service.

 Buenos Aires.Argentina.South America

   John Kiernan
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  The answer to your question is simple.

  Buy a major histochemistry book and read it. That means the last edition 
of Pearse. All three volumes will cost about as much as 3 ml of of a rather 
dilute primary antibody that might turn out to be be worthless.

  Books by Hayat (in all biomedical libraries) also have much to say about 
thiocarbohydrazide. This is a field in which you must know what you are 
doing. Following a procedure that you do not understand will not deliver 
meaningful results.

  John Kiernan
  Anatomy, UWO
  London, Canada
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  > Hi Histoneters!
  > I need a protocole for OTO Technics (Osmium tetroxide,
  > Thiocarbohydrazide) for Electron Microcoscopy, specially as
  > preparing the Thiocarbohidrazide solution and the correct
  > temperature
  > Thanks in advanced !
  > Ht Agustin Victor Chertcoff
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  > National Institute of Microbiology C G Malbran
  > Buenos Aires
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