[Histonet] anti-human antibodies

Robert Schoonhoven rschoon <@t> email.unc.edu
Wed Aug 22 16:36:25 CDT 2007

Fellow 'netters,

I have been looking for a anti-human nuclear antibody that will work on 
FFPE tissue that will be specific for human tissue only, no cross 
reactivity to other species.  Thought that I found one from Chemicon but 
I cannot seem to be able to get it to work anymore.   Had it working 8 
months ago but not since.  I've used all of the standard antibody search 
engines as well as telephone calls to various venders.  Maybe I'm using 
the wrong search parameters????   If  anyone has a procedure up and 
running I'd appreciate any information you would be willing to share.   
Vendors feel free to reply.

Many thanks in advance

Robert Schoonhoven

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