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Thanks for your feedback Joe.  It is much appreciated. 

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we use a home microwave that has a counter top fume hood over it. We
calibrate the temp twice a year. While checking the temps, we also check
for microwave leakage.
Now, here I go again. I have my flame retardant suit on because I can
already feel the flames coming.
    Some people are saying you have to use a laboratory grade microwave
and not a home use one. I agree with this statement 100%, if you are
processing tissue. If you are just using the microwave to perform
special stains or the occasional heat slides, I don't see the need to
spend all that money on a lab grade microwave.
    I've been using microwaves for specials for over 20 years and with
the exception of the rare over heating of Carbol Fuschin (big mess) I've
never had a microwave blow up. And you have to admit, the microwaves
today are a lot safer than the ones 20 years ago.

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Hi all:

I'd like to know how many of you out there use non-laboratory grade
microwaves for specials stains.......specifically for heating
methenamine-silver for a GMS. For those that do, are there any safety
issues of which you are aware?

Thanks for your help!

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