[Histonet] Myofibroblast vs fibroblast

MVaughan4 <@t> ucok.edu MVaughan4 <@t> ucok.edu
Tue Aug 21 12:23:16 CDT 2007

Use mouse anti-human alpha-smooth muscle actin, clone IA4, available from 
Sigma, Labvision, and probably everybody else. Works at 1:1000 for 
immunofluorescence and also works for IHC. It is currently the one and 
only marker to differentiate the two cell types from each other. I used 
the Sigma antibody in this publication:

Vaughan, M.B., Howard, E.W., and Tomasek, J.J. (2000). Transforming growth 
factor-ß1 promotes the morphological and functional differentiation of the 
myofibroblast. Exp. Cell Res. 257:180-189. 


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