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Sensitivity refers to the minimal ammount of antigen, that can be detected
by the whole detection-system (primary antibody qualitiy/quantity; secondary
antibody; activity of the used enzyme; etc.)
The sensitivity can be encreased by higher affine antibodies, more "steps",

The specifity of a test refers to the fact, that the test is only positiv,
if the tested substance is really present; the test must not be positiv with
any other substance. For example, if an antibody crossreacts with epitops on
various celltypes, the antibody and the test are not specific for a unique
cell-type. - but the antibody itself is specific to its epitop.

Hope this helps

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Can anyone help with a concise definition of "sensitivity" and "specificity"
as it relates to immunohistochemical reactions.


Thanks and regards,   Laurie.


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