[Histonet] Ground sections.

Ian Montgomery ian.montgomery <@t> bio.gla.ac.uk
Wed Aug 15 11:39:00 CDT 2007

            I've just been asked by a colleague from the Dental School if I
can mount some ground sections of teeth he's discovered at the back of a
cupboard. Being a simple physiologist I've never dealt with this type of
material so any hints and tips as to the technique I should use would be
welcome? I'm scouring the books, but why re-invent the wheel.

            Should I wash the sections to remove years of accumulated dust
and in what, then air dry or dehydrate?

            Mounting media, anything that's really recommended? I had
thought of Entallin but I'm open to other suggestions.




Dr. Ian Montgomery,


I.B.L.S. Support Unit,

Thomson Building,

University of Glasgow,

G12 8QQ.


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