[Histonet] mouse spinal cord atlas

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Mon Aug 13 08:28:22 CDT 2007

Greetings all:

    The link Emily supplied does not work and I could not find "The 
House Mouse" at amazon.com. "The Biology of the Laboratory Mouse", by 
Earl Green (former director of the Jackson Lab) might have the 
information the original poster was seeking.


Emily Sours wrote:
> The best atlas I have heard of dealing with the mouse spinal cord is
> called "The House Mouse."  It is no longer being published but the
> amazon link is here
> tinyuRL.com/2rnvul
> You may want to see if it's been updated with a more recent name.  If
> not, try to find a used copy with bookfinder.com
> I haven't personally used this, but my boss swears by it, and she's an
> old school anatomist of mice and chicks.
> Emily

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