[Histonet] Slide Staining Variability

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I would like to make a clarification. The slides with the red boxes are 
placed front to back in the slide boxes. There is speculation that heat may 
cause some kind of transfer to the front of the slide that creates a 
barrier. If you could stop the process right after hematoxylin you would see 
all the dye pooled at the top right over the control tissue. I have seen 
pictures of this actually happening. I would also like to mention that I 
used those slides for years at another facility on the Nexes with no 
problems. Thanks Clarissa for your private correction. Someone needs to keep 
an eye on me!

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>Hi Annette,
>I have heard of this problem and all the answers to date could be your 
>problem. I would like to add one more scenario. If one is using the slides 
>with the red paint box, we have heard that during the summer months the 
>heat can affect this paint border and create a wall that will not allow the 
>mixer to push the solutions down past the control. We use super frost plus 
>slides and whenever we have the problem you are describing it is usually 
>the vortex mixer. Hope this helps. Happy Friday All!
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