[Histonet] crysel violet stainning problem

Marta Jaroszewska marja <@t> biol.uni.torun.pl
Tue Aug 7 18:23:22 CDT 2007

I'm writing because I have problem with de-staining of my samples during the staining with crysel violet. I read from the message from 2003 that the way is to dry samples in the oven, and don't use the water and alcoholes for dehydratation and differentiation. I tried to add acetic acid to alcoholes, to avoid 70, 95%...And nothing. The sections are a little bit blue after even 12 mins in crysel violet an than they are destained. I tried it with different samples, from formalin, Bouin's fixative. Finnaly, I have to try with drying in the oven but now I try to find other resolution.
Crysel violet is from Sigma-Aldrich.
I will appreciate for your help.

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