[Histonet] Pathos (microwave processing) advantages

Shelly Coker sccrshlly <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Aug 7 16:27:51 CDT 2007

We use the Milestone RHS II and love it.  You do have to change the alcohols(ethanol and isopropyl) every 2 runs but we can run a biopsy run in less than an hour if the tissue is already fixed.  There is no xylene, thus less waste and fumes.  We only here complaints from the pathologist when either 1) the alcohols were not changed when necessary or 2) the program the user selected is not long enough for the tissue being processed.  The only drawback is capacity...it only holds about 112 cassettes fully loaded.  We only process biopsies, so the runs are so short, we can easily do two runs each day.  The tissue looks great.
  Good luck!

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