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Tue Aug 7 08:31:40 CDT 2007

I have found the statements in Luna's "Histopathologic methods and color
atlas of special stains and tissue artefacts" (1992) in the chapter

Formerly I have read your book, which impressed me very much. And after
learning much about the staining-theory and pH,  I thought Luna's statements
were wrong or at least not understandable for me.

What do you think?


Gudrun Lang


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Have you read and compared the statements you  claim to have found "in the



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Subject: [Histonet] fixation-question
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> Hi to all fixation-experts,
> I've found in the literature some controversy statements about
> formaldehyd-fixation and want your help, what is the up-do-date-
> knowledge.
> -          
> Formaldehyd can/cannot be washed out of fixed tissue.
> -          
> Formaldehyd fixates slower in more acid pH; uncharched
> aminogroups react better than protonated with formaldehyd. And 
> these groups
> should be uncharged in neutral pH.
> -          Nuclear 
> chromatin is fixed only by acid fixatives.
> What is your opinion on these statements?
> Regards
> Gudrun Lang

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