[Histonet] question about cresyl violet

Dr. Catherine L. Ryan ryan <@t> upei.ca
Mon Aug 6 09:46:37 CDT 2007

I am having a problem with my cresyl violet stain. I am using cresyl
violet acetate (1%) on 50 micron formalyn fixed rat brain cut with a
vibratome.  I am losing all stain at the final  Histo-prep stage.  In
brief my procedure is as follows: I start with a series of alcohols (70-
95-100-95-70-50)- dH2O- cresyl violet-70%-95% EtOH - 95%+acetic 
acid to 95%-100% EtOH - Histo-prep wash.  Any ideas or sugggestions for 
an improved protocol, would be appreciated.
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