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Emily Sours talulahgosh <@t> gmail.com
Sun Aug 5 02:41:38 CDT 2007

What does a BS in Histotechnology entail?
I'm curious because I was hired out of college for my experience as a
student intern and my degree in microbiology (nothing fancy--just
doing maxipreps was the qualifier for my current job)
That was eight years ago, and I'm wondering what other techniques I
may not have learned while in college (again, let me emphasize that I
went to college when the term pcr was not taught).  I'm very
interested in any techniques that are "high-tech", aka new within a
couple of years.
If you also know of a site, subscription, etc that would inform me of
this, please let me know.  I love learning new stuff about my job!
I'd also like to add that I'm still paying off student loans after
eight years--I feel your  pain, Joe.  I hope your loans aren't
enormous and ps, you can always be a part-time student to defer your
loans if absolutely necessary.
On this note, is it necessary to have a college degree to be a
histotechnologist (whatever you define this as)? At Pitt, you have to
have a lot of experience to get paid about $30000 and that experience
includes a BS.  I've been around for eight years and have yet to break
the $30000 barrier.  Which makes me bitter.
Our post-doc made about $40000 starting, if you need a scale.

these things happen, you know, you go for a walk in the park one day
and wheelchair ninjas and nazis and pots-and-pans robots show up to
kill you and dinosaurs show up to eat the remains.

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