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If the bath is metal, a metalsmith or someone with metal working capability 
could re-anodize the surface. Sculptors/artists often know how to do this 
too, the guys with big blow torches and welding masks.

  Otherwise the high temperature black paint may be the only 
alternative.  Be sure to have a spotlessly clean surface and maybe even 
repolish with some fine grit paper before painting or the paint might start 
peeling off onto those precious sections.  A whole new artifact problem.

> >>> "Breeden, Sara" <sbreeden <@t>> 8/3/2007 2:40 PM >>>
>The Friday Hour of Fuming is being replaced by Freaky Question Day.
>there a way to "re-blacken" the interior surface of a tissue flotation
>bath?  I've thought about high-temp black spray paint (like for BBQs,
>engine parts, etc.) and quickly decided it probably would have some
>oddball reaction with the whole tissue-floating thing.  Any ideas out
>there? And, no, I haven't asked the manufacturer - I'm just having my
>own ideas.  And that's often a dangerous place to be!

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