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Wed Aug 1 12:57:44 CDT 2007

I remember reading articles about the hematoxylin / basic fuchsin / picric 
acid stain for recently infarcted myocardium, some time late in the Ordovician 
Period I think. 

I've never seen one, but there was a question about the stain on the anatomic 
pathology board examination (American Board of Pathology) when I took it in 
November 1971. I remember it because it was the only question on anything 
contemporary that was on the exam.

Gayle Callis, if you post the procedure in electronic form, I'd like to have 
a copy. I can't remember whether it's done from neutral buffered formalin or 
whether it requires a special fixative. The Harris (mercuric oxide) hematoxylin 
could make a difference - it does in the Engel-Cunningham variant of the 
Gomori trichrome stain, used for frozen sections of skeletal muscle. 

Bob Richmond
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