[Histonet] Histology jobs both temp and perm, can you help?

Eric Dye (ext 223) Eric <@t> ategra.com
Fri Apr 27 16:57:05 CDT 2007

Hi - Histonetters -Are you still working at  ?
May I call you at   or  to discuss jobs?

I have both permanent and temporary J0BS for HistoTechs throughout the US. 

If any of these jobs are not in an the City or State you are or would like to be. Please call me or send me an e-mail and I will look in that specific area for you! 

Temporary HISTOTECH J0BS :
(Updated APR 27 2007)
1. South Carolina - Bench - 3 months (starting in August) -Interviewing immediately-filled
2. New Hampshire - 3 months - Routine Histology-filled
3. California - (San diego area) - 2 months  -Routine Histology- (Start in July)- STILL AVAILABLE........

New Permanent HISTOTECHJ0BS  Listed below
(Updated APR 27 2007)
1. Central Florida -Histotech-Bench-perm (BrandNew, HOT)
2. Florida( Tampa Bay area) Histotech- bench- perm
3. Virginia (Central)- Histotech- perm -bench- BrandNew
4. Virginia (Close to North Carolina Border!!) bench- perm
5. Florida ( Tampa Bay area) bench- perm- BrandNew, HOT)
6. Oregon - perm- bench- HOT
7. West Virginia - perm- bench
8. Massachusetts ( Greater Boston Area) Histotech Supervisor
9. Massachusetts (Greater Boston Area) Histotech- Bench - perm
10. Northern Ohio- Histotech - bench - perm
11. Virginia (Close to North Carolina Border!!) bench- perm

-------------------------- end list of Histotech Opportunities ------------------------------------- 

If you are interested in any of the HISTOTECH J0BS listed above - please call me at 800-466-9919 ext 223 or cell - 407-756-5507.
Thank you, 

Eric Dye-Sr Allied Healthcare Recruiter
800-466-9919 ext 223 or Cell - 407-756-5507 

P.S.: Feel free to pass along this email and my phone number to anyone who you think might be interested. 
P.S.S.: The clients are currently interviewing - and the positions will close soon - so if you are interested, please call me today at 1-800-466-9919 ext 223 ---------------------------------------------------------------
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