[Histonet] ? why does my gallbladder control not stain for bile

Kathy Cormier cormier <@t> MIT.EDU
Fri Apr 27 09:45:36 CDT 2007

Hello All,

Why does my gallbladder control not stain for bile?  ( the mouse livers do not stain either, but that is not unexpected ) It is freshly cut, the solutions are commercially bought and appropriately stored, the stain seems very straightforward... Shouldn't this stain the bile in the gallbladder? I can see it in the block... all nice dark green...Am I just missing the obvious? Am I clueless? (Don't answer that!) I did this stain like, one other time, in the early 90's and we had a nice piece of liver w/ bile for a control. I have read Carson's and Bancroft's books, and they say the best control is a piece of tissue w/ bile, so the gallbladder should work, right? Help! (and thanks!)

Div Comp Medicine

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