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If you are using a deionized water system you may want to check when 
you filters were last changed.  Many times the filters are not 
changed for laboratories until someone calls and reports they are out 
of date or have a problem.  Biofilm and bacteria often grow in the 
pieces of tubing we attach to the nozzles on sinks to keep the water 
from coming out to strongly.  They should be changed often to assure 
they are not a problem also.

I have not ever used tap water in my water bath or for any making up 
any of  my solutions.  We even use  deionized or distilled for all 
rinses if a bacterial stain is required.  Just saves a few more 
moments of my sanity.

Pam Marcum

At 04:19 PM 4/24/2007, Bryan Hewlett wrote:
>Contaminated waterbaths, tap water rinses and re-used staining 
>solutions have all been found to be a potential source of contamination.
>I would suspect tap nozzles as the #1 source.
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>We are experiencing transient false positive ZN staining on skin 
>biopies. Today a slide had clumped AFB over the majority of the 
>slide where no tissue was present.  Previous to this, only one or 
>two bacilli were noted on the slide.
>Has anyone investigated and found a contaminated waterbath or 
>perhaps the Kinyoun's is the culprit as our  lab reuses both?  Any 
>help would be appreciated.
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