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When i try to dissolve the alcian blue (sigma) powder in acidified
(ph2.5/ph1.0) dd water the stain isnt getting dissolved. When i try 1:1
alchol:distilled water adjusted to required pH its dissolving but isnt
staining any of mucin cells in positive control. please help



Logically if 'Alcian Blue' is not dissolving in water but does dissolve
in 1:1 water:alcohol then it is the alcohol that it is dissolving in and
I don't know if it works non polar liquids, but then a mixture would be
polar wouldn't it? (I dunno, confused).


Alcian Blue I think is usually used as an aqueous solution of 1% at
various PHs. The only thing I wonder is that Alcian Blue 8GX is the
usual dye used and Alcian Blue 8XM is less soluble and is used in lower
concentrations. I gather the composition of Alcian Blue 8GX has, over
the years, been changed to make it more soluble. These are basic dyes
with a phthalocynain nucleus and basic side chain; logically you either
been sold the 'wrong stuff' (8XM) or you have a poorly soluble variant.


Send it back, get some more. 


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