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yvan lindekens yvan_lindekens <@t> yahoo.com
Tue Apr 17 05:06:44 CDT 2007

There were some problems in a high school in the city
of Sint-Niklaas, Belgium too, in september last year. 

1400 students were evacuated after which the bomb
squad took the picric acid away and detonated it. 

According to Belgian newspapers it left a crater of
one meter in diameter. I wonder what charge they used
to detonate it...

According to the science teacher who found the bottle
containing about 200gm of dried out picric acid, he
wasn't shure whether it was "picric acid" or "citric
acid" in the bottle... 

Excuse me: I wouldn't trust such a science teacher to
teach my children.

Anyway, it was a good story for the newspapers: "Time
bomb thicking in high school", "Our children in
danger", "Science teacher saves more than 1000
children", "A heroe!".

Perhaps a new entry for the manuals on psychopatology:
"picric acid psychosis"...

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