[Histonet] Demonstration of H. Pylori

Barbara Lentz Barbara_Lentz <@t> dahlchase.com
Fri Apr 13 10:40:55 CDT 2007

All Gastric Biopsies are stained up front with "Little Quicker" (a
modified Giemsa) and given out with the H&E's.  Depending on the
pathologist, an IHC may be ordered subsequently.

>>> "Dolores Townsend" <TownsendD <@t> childrensdayton.org> 04/13/07 09:45AM
Hello, Histonetters
I am taking a census: what stain do you/your pathologists prefer to
demonstrate H. Pylori?
How many of you do IHC?
How many do special stains, and if so, which one?
I do a Steiner here, which is time consuming, even in the microwave,
and seems to give variable results in staining intensity, so I'd like
your opinion as to what stain you prefer.
Thank you,
Dolores Townsend
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