[Histonet] rodent smooth muscle marker

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Along those same lines mouse anti-SMAalpha clone 1A4 works very well 
for SMC in mouse and human. To avoid having to use a MOM kit I use 
the EPOS version from DAKO which is VERY pricey but worth every penny 
for the gorgeous and clean result in mouse tissues (it can also be 
diluted and doesn't need to be used neat as  recommended by 


>What about alpha smooth muscle actin, most anti-human SMA antibodies will
>cross react with rodent.  If she is planning on both rat and mouse tissues
>then I would choose a rabbit antibody to smooth muscle actin.  The one that
>we use works in both rat and mouse, its from abcam ab5694.
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>Hi all.  I am asking this question on behalf of a colleague.  She wishes to
>measure rat uterine smooth muscle cell volume over gestation and would like
>to have a marker that would delinate the smooth muscle plasma membrane.  I
>have looked at some of my Masson trichrome-stained mouse placental sections
>and this *might* be helpful for her; however, I was thinking one of you
>might know of a good lectin or antibody marker.  Like I said, she works on
>rat tissue, but I wouldn't mind receiving some advice on mouse uterine
>smooth muscle cell markers, too.
>Thanks a bunch!
>Jacqui Detmar
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