[Histonet] Liver sections cracking in drying stage..Help

Geoff McAuliffe mcauliff <@t> umdnj.edu
Wed Apr 11 10:44:18 CDT 2007

Hi Jamie:

    I think I agree with Rene, not enough fixation. I suggest changing 
fixative to a formalin-alcohol-acetic mixture. It will fix much faster 
and give excellent preservation of glycogen.
    It frightens me to think that turn around time is more important 
than good results.


Jamie E Erickson wrote:

>Hi All,
>             I hope someone can help with this problem. I am working on a 
>toxicology study that requires sections of Heart, liver and Lung from rats 
>on study . These studies we want a quick turn around so we get the tissues 
>from necropsy in the afternoon,  livers are scored at necropsy and put 
>into formalin jars. I gross the samples Liver (left, midial, caudal lobes 
>into one cassette) the next morning  done by 11am  (liver is still pink in 
>the middle). The samples are put on the processor (11 hour processor run) 
>that night with formalin in the first station so fixation after grossing 
>is 10 hours. The next day I embed  and section the samples and dry the 
>sections overnight.   Slides are stained and given to the pathologist that 
>My problem is the liver samples all other blocks are fine, the liver 
>blocks section fine  but on drying either in a rotating drying oven 
>vertically or on the bench  at room temp overnight  some NOT all of the 
>liver samples  have lots of cracks and some fall off.  It very much looks 
>like areas of water as it dried causes these cracks. Anyone have ideas to 
>remedy this problem..?? They want to keep this turn around time if 
>possible and liver is a key read out... Any ideas...
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