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Prediluted antibodies are usually designed on the detection system of the
company (or partners) to get best results. With your own detection system
who have to try modifications as you do it with the antibody-concentrates.
For example we use the prediluted Ventana-Antibodies on the Benchmark as
they are, and RTU-antibodies from other suppliers in 1:2, or 1:3 dilutions.

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Has anyone ever used the ready to use antibodies which are prediluted?
They are offerred by Lab Vision/Neomarkers.  Is there any special
protocol for these antibodies?  I have run an experiment twice with this
prediluted antibody and have had no results.  Technical support was
unable to help me with these items.Any help or information will be
greatly appreciated.  Thank you.
Kris Kalleberg   
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