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I presume you are looking for a book showing morphology of both human and 
mouse, or the study of Histology which is different than 
Pathology.   Wheaters Functional Histology book is excellent for most 
purposes.  Also, the newer edition of Histology, A text and atlas - written 
by Michael H. Ross.

As for pathology, medical libraries and publisher will have many, and 
pricey books on Human Pathology.   As for the mouse, the one book that was 
superior for normal tissue histology is no longer in print.  You may have 
to do website searches for mouse histology books or even a website devoted 
to murine, showing the tissue sections. Some Histonetters have addressed 
the mouse histology text issue in the past.  Try the new Histonet Archives 
search, there are many wonderful links now.

Go to this website, http://www.rodentia.com/wmc/  aka Whole Mouse Catalog, 
I saw books yesterday but did not pay particular attention to the titles 
nor subject.

Good luck

   At 04:37 AM 4/5/2007, you wrote:
>Please could someone suggest a good  book on mouse and human
>pathology(histology) for research Histologists

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