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Hey, it was only about 4 years ago! Those who have been around awhile
might remember a freelance writer posted on Histonet looking for a
histotech to interview and to take pictures of in the lab. I volunteered
and the rest is history. I even got a free copy of the book! It is
"Biology" (high school) by Prentice-Hall publishers and has a dragonfly
on the cover.

Tim Morken
Lab Vision - Neomarkers

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 Okay, inquiring minds and all that stuff......how old was the
Sorry, Tim.

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	I was paging through my children's new 10th grade biology
textbook, and whose photo do I see on a page, but our own Tim Morken!
He was featured as an example of a Histotechnologist in the textbook's
focus on biology careers.
	I shouted... "Hey, I 'know' this guy!"  (Well,... not really
know know... but you all understand what I mean.)
	Congratulations to Tim on getting his face in print, as well as
his words!
	Jan Shivers
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