[Histonet] A question about HT licensure

Joyce Friedland joycefr <@t> frontiernet.net
Wed Sep 13 10:02:39 CDT 2006

Hi All,
I am by no means an expert on the subject of New York State Licensure 
but one key thing to know is that licensure is in no way connected to 
ASCP Registry. They are separate things entirely.
There are a number of pathways to gaining a license in NYS. Some 
methods are based on
  "grandfathering", some are based on education requirements and some 
are based on an exam, which to my knowledge is yet to be written.
Your best way to get all the info is to go to the following web site 
and print out everything available as you may need to read through it 
several times in order to figure out which is the pathway for your 
particular situation :
Your application needs to be in by 9/30/06
Hope this helps.
Joyce Friedland
Muhlbauer Derm-Path Lab
Pittsford, NY

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