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  Any laboratory manager that assigns clerical work to a histotech is a fool and a dumbhead!
  Who in his/her right mind will pay the HT salary rate to do clerical work? This is one of the most stupid ways of managing the laboratory complement.
  In the same way that certified HTs should not be routine staining or coverslipping instead of embedding, sectioning or completing special procedures, they even less should be doing clerical work.
  That is what clerks, "administrative assistantes" or laboratory assistants should be doing.
  If unfortunately you work in such an environment where your abilities and train are so underappreciated, start finding another workplace because it may get to the point when you are going to be required to take care of the lawn or the lavatories.
  René J.

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  Hi Robert
You have just pressed the "not my job" button.
I believe that this is a constant sore point with many histotechs. 
As in many labs, tasks that used to be regarded as "secretarial" are now
carried out by the histotechs. in addition to actual histologic tissue
While I believe that it is important to understand the various aspects
of a pathology lab I feel that in many cases the extensive training that
histotechs receive in the preparation of tissue is wasted in these
"other tasks". This is not to detract from the skill required to be an
accurate transcriber but I really feel that this is not what most
histotecs. are really paid for. 
In our institute there are no "secretaries" but due to political
correctness are known as "administrative assistants". However these are
fewer in number than the original secretarial staff (they also do not
carry out any histological techniques). These extra tasks for the
histotech. are not usually reflected in job descriptions and rarely come
with extra remuneration. 
However the good news is that histotechs. are not alone. 
Many faculty are typing their own memos and often carrying out numerous
other tasks that were originally carried out by secretaries.

I stand corrected, we have one secretary here. 
This was someone who we perfused and have preserved in the main entrance
so that the image of a real secretary is retained for posterity (has a
nice bronze plaque also).

Believe that Joe N. would classify this as a potential flaming topic.

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm sooooo....sad because I'm not in Phoenix at NSH (first one I've
missed in many years).... but, since I'm not, I have a question for all
of you!

Are their hospital based or even private practice anatomic pathology
laboratories which operate without transcriptionists/secretary/clerical
type individuals for reporting and distribution of reports, etc. and ALL
those things they do?

If so, who performs the duties that would normally be part of their
job.... ??

Seems I vaguely remember a short thread about this maybe a year ago...


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