[Histonet] zinc-fixed paraffin embedding tissue protocol

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When I have to use zinc buffer for 'fixation' of murine tissues,  I use 
Streck Tissue Fixative.  Harvested samples are bisected to no thicker than 
3mm (like liver and tumors)  prior to fixation, and allowed to fix in 20x 
volume for 24-48 hours.   Samples should be rinsed well with 50% etoh 
prior to transfer to 70% etoh for storage or processing to avoid zinc 
precipitate, which will form if the fixative is not cleared from the 
tissues (particularly hemorrhagic tissues) prior to exposure to higher 
graded alchol.  It's a messl.   You can contact Streck Laboratories for 
more information.   Some antigens are easier to retrieve in Streck fixed 
tissues, but the morphology is not as good as NBF.     Further processing 
is the same as with NBF tissues - I usually do 45 minutes per station for 
murine tissue on a junky old open processor, and tissues come out fine.
Jackie O'

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[Histonet] zinc-fixed paraffin embedding tissue protocol

Hello Everyone, 
    Does anyone have a good protocol for zinc fixing and paraffin 
of animal tissue? I would greatly appreciate any help. 


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