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I feel your pain. We are/were in much the same situation you are. Earlier
this year, we had several techs leave because they were able to find better
working conditions elsewhere. As a result, we were down 3-4 techs, everyone
was working 10-15 hours of OT per week for several months. All new positions
needed to be approved before hiring could even begin. Fortunately, we
persevered, but it was a very painful process. Stress levels were extrememly
high, and the threat of more people leaving was always present.

The demand for histotechs right now far outweighs the supply, so that puts
the market in the hands of the tech. Consider yourself in a power position
of sorts, so be prepared to use it if necessary. Remember that it is a
business, and the business side is just "doing business". Try not to take it
personally. They are going to try and get away with whatever they can in
order to keep costs down and profit margins up. Only you can make this
personal decision, and it depends on your specific situation. If you are
truly unhappy and can easily find somethig elsewhere, by all means. The only
person that is going to look out for you is you.

Hope this helps.

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> Fellow techs,
> I would appreciate some input on my current situation. I started a new
> salaried position a few months ago. I figured I would be working about 50
> hours a week. I am working 60-70 hours (5-7 days) a week. All my lab
> personnel are working as much OT as they can. I told my MD that I could
> work at this pace for another month while we awaited approval (just
> approval, not hire) for a new tech. I was told that if I couldn't work all
> the hours to give my 2 weeks notice. I did give my notice and within 10
> minutes I had a new tech hired. My question is this: after seeing his true
> colors, what would all of you do? Would you stay with him or leave after
> your probation is up? I know there are plenty of histology positions out
> there, but trying to find a good company that has a MD that will treat you
> half way decent is becoming nearly impossible ( here in Florida at least).
> Sorry for the complaining but I would appreciate some input.
> Thanks,
> Ron Martin
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