[Histonet] new employer

Ron Martin Pathrm35 <@t> adelphia.net
Thu Sep 7 06:55:53 CDT 2006

Fellow techs,

I would appreciate some input on my current situation. I started a new
salaried position a few months ago. I figured I would be working about 50
hours a week. I am working 60-70 hours (5-7 days) a week. All my lab
personnel are working as much OT as they can. I told my MD that I could not
work at this pace for another month while we awaited approval (just
approval, not hire) for a new tech. I was told that if I couldn't work all
the hours to give my 2 weeks notice. I did give my notice and within 10
minutes I had a new tech hired. My question is this: after seeing his true
colors, what would all of you do? Would you stay with him or leave after
your probation is up? I know there are plenty of histology positions out
there, but trying to find a good company that has a MD that will treat you
half way decent is becoming nearly impossible ( here in Florida at least).
Sorry for the complaining but I would appreciate some input.


Ron Martin

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