[Histonet] more rigid paraffin

Patsy Ruegg pruegg <@t> ihctech.net
Tue Sep 5 14:48:01 CDT 2006

Does anyone know of a paraffin which will stretch less/distort less than
most?  We are trying to digitally reconstruct tissue 3 dimensionally at the
histology level by scanning tissue sections completely thru the sample and
line them up one after the other but the paraffin sections stretch and
distort so that one section does not match it's deeper counter part.  We
thought if we had a stiffer medium this distortion from section to deeper
section would be reduced?  We are thinking about using GMa instead paraffin
to embed expecting less distortion but we also want to do IHC and that is
problematic with GMA.  Any suggestions for this project would be


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