[Histonet] End Goodbye comments

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Wed Oct 25 12:16:59 CDT 2006


   I  thought that Joe was banned from writing to t   was still employed with his current company. That was    the  "Goodbye"  message.  I  feel sure Joe would be taking an ac   part  in  the  discussions  if he could...and still eat, sleep under a
   Mary Lee

   -   To: Barry.R.Rittman <@t> uth   From: "Kallye Walther" <k   Sent by: histonet-bounces <@t> lists.utsouthwestern   Date: 10/24/2006 05:09PM
   Subject: RE: [Histonet] End Goodbye com   Well  said  Barry.   For two days now I have seen a lot of em   this hot
   topic.  What I haven't seen
   is any more respon    It
   would     thought, ( had   to  get  it there ),  The histonet was created for histology relate   issues,
   by  allowing  vendors  to  comment does benefit us.  If a pa   vendor has
   ABUSED  this  priviledge,  then  that  is  a matter for Li   staff.  By
   not  allowing  vendors  to comment there WILL B   missed.  I
   am  NOT  a vendor, but I deal with    do.
   Passwords are redundant, &n   histology
   related  personel.  &n   histology.  It
   does a   need
   adv   another   Of  all  the  histology  people subscribing on the Histonet,     that
   experience is probably hundreds of years.  There is al   new out
   there.   Without  the  freedom  of  uncensored  s   country even
   be  here??? Isn;t that part of the    (
   England  )  a  feww  hundred years ago?   benefit.
   Now I don't believe it shou   tech or
   vendor,  but I s   H--- don't think it should be turned into a political forum for t   vs.
   vendor either.  This particular
   vendor should not have    should
   not have repremand   him  either.   Why?  other than the fact it is just wrong, &n   about.... the
   kick back law???
   meaning,   if Joe's boss    of a
   vendor,   the   can
   certain   a
   str   forum.   t is easy to
   see   the  outrage,   as  a  fellow  tech  and  su   outraged!!!!  But
   since  we  histotechs  stick  t   isn't it
   possible  to think that th   pictures
   being  painted  in  on   headed, and
   distribu   outraged.     And while the rest of us are
   screaming  foul....   Joe  is  certai   however is
   would appear that this i   here
   Just     perspecti   and advice on this matter.
   Again this is what the Histonet WAS    >From: "Rittman, Barry    >To: <histonet <@t> lists.utsout   >Subject: [Histonet] End Goodbye comments
   >Dat   >
   >There will never be an id   >sense and tolerance for b   >situation individually as   >
   >Sometimes both vendors    >
   >   >his   >
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