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Subject: Re: [Histonet] Re: goodbye - vendor perspective
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  If I have a question I would like to receive as many answers as possible and if those answers are posted for all to see, maybe somebody with the same question will benefit from the answers.
  That is the reasoning behind a recommendation when you join Histonet: to address your answers to all, not just to the person asking so all can benefit.
  It is somewhat disingenuous to accep public positive comments and reject public criticisms, although it is understandable from a vendor's point of view.
  This is a public forum for all to benefit. The honest thing is to recognize the problems, APOLOGIZE if necessary,  and move on!
  René J.

David Henriks <henriks <@t> southbaytech.com> wrote:
  Paul, Mark and Doug:

I said nothing about censorship and I did not discourage anyone from 
sharing their opinion. I suggested that those opinions be shared 
off-line. Often times there is much more to the story than the initial 
complaint might indicate. Getting the whole story out would probably 
involve multiple emails and discussion. A recurrent theme I am hearing 
is that if the vendor makes a good product and offers good service, then 
they have nothing to worry about. I don't mean to be flippant, but that 
is naive. Marketing is the name of the game. Companies with great 
products and services go under all the time because of negative 
publicity. Alternatively, companies with marginal products and service 
often thrive due to extensive and aggressive marketing. In this 
industry - as in many industries - the products are produced by a large 
group of small companies. Many companies don't have a huge marketing 
budget that would allow them to counteract the negative publicity given 
on a site like this. How is a vendor to respond? Do you want the 
vendor to continue a thread on the Histonet providing the details of the 
individual incident? Is that appropriate? Or, does the vendor ignore 
it and leave that negative impression hanging in the air to the 
countless members that have seen it and tucked away that thought in the 
back of their minds. Or, as has been suggested, do you ban vendors 
altogether so there is no forum at all for them to respond.

As for Doug's comment about making a positive comment, of course I 
wouldn't mind that. That's why I said "praise in public, criticize in 
private". There is no harm to a vendor by publicly praising them. Just 
as there is no harm to the inquirer if they receive criticism about the 
vendor they are considering in private.

I'm sure you wouldn't have a problem if your boss posted to the Histonet 
that you are the greatest histologist in the history of histology. 
Would you have a problem if he posted to the Histonet that he had some 
problems with you and that he questioned your ability to perform your 
job? If you're a great histologist, I'm sure that it wouldn't bother 
you to have negative comments posted about you for everyone to see. 
After all, your work should speak for itself. Maybe some people had 
never heard of you and were not aware that you are the worlds greatest 
histologist. Do you think their opinion of you might be skewed a little 
bit by the negative comment?

We are all "vendors" to some degree. We are either selling our talents 
to our employer or selling our goods to an end user. We are all an 
integral and equal part of the industry and it is wrong to treat vendors 
as if they are anything less.

Best regards-


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Douglas D Deltour wrote:

>Hear Hear!!
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>David H.,
>While I agree with much of what you said, I nevertheless fully support the
>practice of seeking feedback/recommendations - positive or negative - about
>an expensive piece of equipment before purchasing it. Obviously, other
>users of the equipment are the only reliable source from which such
>information can be obtained. Offering a response to such a query does not
>constitute "airing grievances". It constitutes sharing of valuable
>information which consumers have a right to know. I realize that any
>company, even the best, can run into a problem now and then. But I don't see
>why that should present a problem. If I request information from users about
>a particular product or company, and one person responds negatively - which
>he/she has every right to do - while a dozen others report satisfaction,
>then of course I will go ahead and try the product or company myself. But if
>a majority of people report problems with a product or company, then of
>course I'll keep my distance. Companies which consistently provide good
>products and good service only stand to gain from such online
>recommendations. Companies which provide poor products and/or poor service
>have made their own beds and will just have to lie in them.
>Paul M.
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