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Banning vendors from this or any other list does not prevent someone from
forwarding a message about that vendor to them.  Remember anything put out
on the INTERNET not just HISTONET is potentially for public view, it is just
the nature of the medium.  Never put down in writing something that you
would not want certain people to hear about, I learned that the hard way
once, when I was suspended from my job for writing and distributing my
opinion about another person working there.

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I modified the Subject line so that all would know that a Vendor is joining
this thread.  You may wish to hit the Delete button now if you are so

I am sure that I am not alone in suggesting that everyone pause and take a
deep breath.  Emotions are running a little high on this topic and, perhaps,
getting a little one-sided. I have been a subscriber to this List for close
to ten years now... and not just by "lurking" out there, but actually
participating from time to time.  I would be very disappointed if I were
banned from this forum simply because I was a vendor.  In the years that I
have been on this List, I can remember dozens of times where a Histonetter
was in a jam and needed technical assistance with a product or a service and
it was a vendor who came to their aid, in a professional noncommercial way,
with a solution to their problem.  

Taking it further, if you think long enough about it, I believe that all of
you Histonetters can come up with examples of where a vendor or their field
rep has assisted you in a way that was "above and beyond the call of duty"
or that was done for no financial gain... in person or through the Histonet.
I know this because you have told me so privately (for something that I did
for you) or have spoken to me, again privately, in glowing terms about one
or more other vendors who have served you in a time of desperate need.  So
let's keep everything in perspective.  It would be interesting if, once in a
while, these stories were shared on the Histonet.

I also must dispute the notion that patient care is not on (histology)
vendors "radar screens".  Prior to going into business on my own, I worked
for almost 20 years for a Fortune 500 global company that manufactured
histology products.  I can assure you, from first-hand experience that these
companies would not be in business today if they did not develop products
that could and would improve patient care.  In addition, there is an equal
focus towards the frontline lab professional that actually use the products
that they develop to make the product better and more user friendly for the
person that has to deal with it every work day.  The development and
improvement of products comes directly from the end user according to their
needs and the needs of their patients.  Contrary to want you might believe
this dual focus is very much at the forefront of these companies R&D

As to being in the business of making money, yes that is the goal.  Be
honest here.  The goal of all enterprises in a capitalistic society is to
make a profit.  But that goal will never be reached if your product or
service does not cater to the person who will be using it and/or it does not
provide results that promote the betterment of patient care.  I will not
apologize for this and neither should you.  Understand also that just
because your facility holds a non-profit status, it does not mean that it
does not make a profit.  It simply means that at the end of the day, they
show a zero-biased balance sheet. (e.g. If they were not making a profit,
how would they be able to pay your salary?).

It is unfortunate that allegedly one company's actions may have tarnished
all vendors reputations on this List, but I urge you not to fall into that

I appreciate all of you and consider you my friends and my customers.  For
my part, I will continue to feel this way whether I am banned or not.

~ Ford

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Because they are, essentially, in the business of making money; patient care
is usually not even in their "radar screen"!
  René J.

Andrea Grantham <algranth <@t>> wrote:
  It happened to me also - maybe this happens more than we think???
I was chastised by a vendor when I asked if anybody else was experiencing a 
certain phenomenon with one of their products. He told me that I should 
have gone to them instead of asking my question on histonet. Well, I did 
and really didn't get any help from them when I did this before going to 
histonet. Instead they were trying to tell me to change my technique. I 
don't know about you, but after you do something one way for 25 or more 
years it would seem that it wouldn't be the technique - or not usually. 
Long story short, we danced around this problem until somebody finally told 
me they had a bad batch of base "product" that went into certain lots. 
Bingo! Thank God for the brave soul that finally admitted that the company 
did have a problem but why couldn't they admit it weeks sooner and save me 
the grief that I had with my tissues?
By the way, there were others out in histoland having the same problem. 
Hope they got it fixed too.


At 10:03 AM 10/23/2006 -0700, Erin.Wrona <@t> wrote:
>Amos wrote: "This happened to me before too. A vendor that will remain 
>(that almost everyone has some equipment sold to them by these people)
>issue with my stating that we were having trouble with an expensive item
>they sold us when someone asked about this item on the Histonet."
>I am sorry to say that this happened to me as well at a previous job.
>Since then I am always VERY careful about what I say (not much after the
>incident) about any product. It's sad but sales reps seem to be rather
>aggressive in acting to silence criticism of their (extremely expensive)
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