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The Bancroft and Stevens book has been updated with a newer 5th edition in 
2001 by Gamble and Bancroft, under the same title, Theory and Practice of 
Histological Techniques.  There is an extensive immunohistochemistry 
chapter and also a immunofluorescence chapter.

The freebie manual from DAKO in pdf form on their website is a good 
learning book too.  Sheehan and Hrapchaks book may have some good BASIC 
information, but it is really outdated (26 years old) considering what we 
do today for immunostaining procedures.  As for other routine stains 
for  paraffin sections, it is still one of the best!

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At 08:47 AM 11/17/2006, you wrote:
>I took the HTL about 5 yrs ago, and a friend took it last year and we
>both had the same recommendations for the HTL which is the Bancroft and
>Stevens.  I read it twice, and I passed with a much higher score than I
>imagined, in the 900's(go ahead Nocito say something).  Admittedly I
>took it after 23 yrs in the field, and that time in the lab is really
>what got me there.  The reading material was more of a refresher on what
>to expect.  That is a great book, so is Kiernans.  I have always thought
>that HTL exam should be reserved for folks with at least 10 yrs in the
>field, just so they can have a decent chance at passing via their
>experience and given an amount of respect for time served. We have
>already beaten to tdeath the HT.HTL.QIHC folks who cannot perform. I
>knew a guy with an HTL who said he only cut for his exam, he wanted the
>HTL for his business cards because he was a sales rep. He was good at
>IHC though.  Anyhistow, I am sorry the girls had a bad experience.  I
>hope they go back and take it again.
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