[Histonet] HTL comments

Madary, Joseph MadaryJ <@t> MedImmune.com
Fri Nov 17 09:47:39 CST 2006

I took the HTL about 5 yrs ago, and a friend took it last year and we
both had the same recommendations for the HTL which is the Bancroft and
Stevens.  I read it twice, and I passed with a much higher score than I
imagined, in the 900's(go ahead Nocito say something).  Admittedly I
took it after 23 yrs in the field, and that time in the lab is really
what got me there.  The reading material was more of a refresher on what
to expect.  That is a great book, so is Kiernans.  I have always thought
that HTL exam should be reserved for folks with at least 10 yrs in the
field, just so they can have a decent chance at passing via their
experience and given an amount of respect for time served. We have
already beaten to tdeath the HT.HTL.QIHC folks who cannot perform. I
knew a guy with an HTL who said he only cut for his exam, he wanted the
HTL for his business cards because he was a sales rep. He was good at
IHC though.  Anyhistow, I am sorry the girls had a bad experience.  I
hope they go back and take it again.

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