[Histonet] CAP Immuno Survey Slides

Jones, Laura lpjones <@t> srhs-pa.org
Thu Mar 30 11:04:30 CST 2006

Hello Histoland.  We were wondering if anyone else who may have participated
in the recent CAP survey had experienced any problems with the labels on the
slides.  We performed some of the survey by hand (our machine is down!)
using the Shandon Sequenza coverplates, and it seemed like the label
adhesive was blocking the reagents from passing onto the slide.  We then
repeated some of the slides on a demo machine, after verifying our
antibodies, and even then it seemed like that adhesive was interfering with
the reagents.  We also lost any info we had written on the slide labels,
even with the impervious markers, during automated processing.  

We didn't remember our survey slides ever having labels before, and are just
curious if anyone else had encountered this.  Thanks in advance!  

The Histochicks at Sharon Regional, Sharon, PA

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