[Histonet] Contaminated Alcohols from VIP processors

bamoe <@t> gundluth.org bamoe <@t> gundluth.org
Wed Mar 22 14:58:31 CST 2006

Hello all -

Has anyone had experience with contaminated alcohols coming off a
Tissue-Tek VIP processor?

We have two processors - one is a Miles VIP 3000, purchased in 1993, the
other is a Sakura VIP E300 purchased in 1996.
We have started experiencing the problem on both machines.

Our processing schedule utilizes 2 stations each of formalin, 80% ETOH,
recycled 95% ETOH, absolute ETOH (pure, not reagent grade), xylene, 3 or 4
paraffin stations, 1 cleaning xylene, 1 cleaning absolute ETOH.

The formalins and 80% are not contaminated, however the 95% and absolutes
show cloudiness when flushed with water down the drain. (We are assuming
that it's xylene causing this, but have not done analysis to confirm.)

Preventative maintenance was just done last week on both machines (by our
in-house biomed personnel) and we still have the cloudiness in the 95% and
absolute alcohols.

We have ruled out any problems with our recycler and know that the alcohols
are clean when they are put on the processor.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Barb Moe
Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center
La Crosse WI
bamoe <@t> gundluth.org

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