[Histonet] Chromogens that survive HIER

Rachael Emerson rachael_emerson <@t> urmc.rochester.edu
Mon Jun 26 14:06:12 CDT 2006

Hello. I am working on a double stain, in which my first round of developing
I use Vector Blue.
I then do a HIER and proceed....
The Vector Blue stains beautifully and it remains the same even after going
through heat induced antigen retrieval.
Can anyone tell me if there are other visualizations systems, besides Vector
Blue, that can withstand going through HIER?

Thank you
Rachael Emerson

Rachael L. Emerson 
Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research
University of Rochester Medical Center
575 Elmwood Avenue MRBX 1.11301
Rochester, NY 14642

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