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HI Dr. Raff,
I use the Biocare Medical Decloaker and it is  exactly the same as your
During the heat up phase you'll notice the lid and rubber gasket fit
together a bit loosely.  Until there is enough heat to cause a pressure
build up, some steam will escape.  You'll notice that once you have
achieved a temp of 120 to 125'C the steaming and hissing slows down and
even stops.  That's because the chamber is now pressurized and the
gasket has made a tight seal.

Just make sure the pressure release that sits on the lid  sits evenly
when you close the lid.  If that pressure release is crooked, that
indicates you don't have the lid sealed correctly.

I hope this helps.

Becky Orr CLA,HT(ASCP)
Assistant Manager, Anatomic Pathology
Evanston Northwestern Healthcare
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Hi all:


We are using the PASCAL pressure cooker from DAKO for HIER.  We have
noticed on occasion steam coming out of the edges (not through the
pressure release valve).  Our rep says this is normal.  Do others have
the same experience?


Also, we are still looking for a part time histotech.


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