[Histonet] Same Day Breast Biopsy Results

chiggerson <@t> memhosp.com chiggerson <@t> memhosp.com
Wed Jun 21 08:06:55 CDT 2006


I need information on providing same day results on breast biopsy 
specimens. Is anyone out there doing this???

We have a surgeon on staff at our institution that is demanding same day 
rush breast biopsy results. We often rush other types of biopsies and 
provide same day results, but for obvious reasons (fatty, Her2 fixation, 
etc.) we do not provide this service for breast tissue. I do provide first 
am results. He has insisted that other institutions are providing same day 
breast results and is not happy with waiting till 8 am the next morning. I 
called other labs in our area and they are not doing same day breast 
results for the same reasons we are not. 

Can anyone help me with this? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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