[Histonet] to perfuse or not to perfuse...

Caroline Bass cbass <@t> bidmc.harvard.edu
Wed Jun 21 02:03:01 CDT 2006

I hate to broach such a seemingly banal question, but I searched the  
archives and couldn't find exactly what I need.  So here goes...

I have been using a virus to express EGFP in mice brains with great  
results.  I perfuse the mice, post-fix overnight, immerse in 25%  
sucrose overnight, section at 40 microns, mount and visualize the  
native fluorescence.  Now I want to send my virus to another lab to  
test, however, they don't know how to perfuse.  Do you think the  
native fluorescence will be retained if the brain is collected fresh  
and immersed in NBF?

Are there any suggestions for preparing the brain other than by  


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