[Histonet] comment and question about old blocks

Bonnie Whitaker bwhitaker <@t> brownpathology.com
Fri Jun 16 14:09:40 CDT 2006

Hi All,

About the rude and vulgar Histonet subscriber that can't figure out how to
unsubscribe, I take some comfort in thinking that someday, a prospective
employer will Google that guy, and hopefully will get all of the "colorful"
remarks on the histonet to use in his or her decision-making process.

 Now, on to business:  Is there any reason that old (pre-hippa, stuff that
is past the CAP requirement for saving blocks) couldn't be given, traded or
sold at a small fee (just enough to recover costs) to a research entity?
They would not have identification, only a very broad, general diagnosis
(from the ancient card file).

What does everyone think?  Has anyone actually consulted their legal
department about this type of issue?

Bonnie Whitaker
Lab Manager
Brown & Associates Medical Laboratories
8076 El Rio
Houston, Texas  77054

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