[Histonet] Re:Sirius Red Protocol mouse pancreas

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     Subject:  [Histonet] Re:Sirius Red Protocol mouse pancreas
     Date:  Thu, 15 Jun 2006 13:48:11 -0400
     >                  We  also  do  Sirius  red  staining but of mouse
     lungs, we use
     >a  polarizing  light  to quantitative collagen deposition. We have
     not see
     >and  appreciable  increase  in  red  staining  over  time. Maximum
     >intensity  is  reach  after  90  minutes  in  the  paper by L.C.U.
     >Histochemical   Journal   1979,  11,447-445.  Check  the  histonet
     achieves that's
     >where I got most of my information.
     >                  As far as the staining I would run an old sample
     >determine  if  that stains differently then it had in the past, if
     it does
     >then it's a staining issue if not it's the tissue, it could be an
     >experimental  issue.  Our  investigators  usually  give us control
     >untreated  Lung  or we can ask for muscle or kidney for a positive
     >I'd  look  into  the tissue being the issue if you haven't already
     done that.
     >Hope that helps.
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