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Tue Jun 13 13:56:23 CDT 2006

      The best blade I have currently found is the Rchard-Alen
Scientific Edge-Rite High Profile Microtome Blades.  They come 50 to a
pack.  Cat# 4275H.  I received a trial pack at a state/regional or
national meeting (probably state/regional) and it sat around for a few
years.  Then, when I was having a particularly difficult time with
current blades on some mouse guts and bones, I pulled these out and
tried them.  Immediately, I asked for some to be ordered and have not
looked back.  Ask the vendor for a sample or order a pack.  Oh, they are
also less expensive then what we were using!   Fisher Scientific,
uh.......Thermo-Shandon Fisher Scientific et. al. carries them

Sharon Osborn
DNAX, SP BioPharma
Palo Alto, CA

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Subject: [Histonet] High Profile Micrtome blades
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  I have a Leica Microtome 2235. Currently I am using the Leica 818 high
profile blades, and they are terrible. They become dull immediately,
slowing down my cutting, because it seems I am changing the blade for
every block I cut. Does anyone know of a good high profile blade? I was
told the high profile blade by DuraEdge is good. Any feedback would be

Heather A. Harper

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