[Histonet] DAB waste

Cindy Tily tilycyn <@t> vetmed.auburn.edu
Tue Jun 13 13:26:26 CDT 2006

Hi Everyone,

I rarely write in, but about this topic I feel strongly. Never should 
a well known carcinogen such as DAB be put down the drain,no matter 
how dilute (and yes, Ventana reps will tell you the very dilute DAB 
in the waste bottle is ok to poor down the drain). In this country 
(the USA) lack of resources and/or money is also a poor excuse (if 
you can afford using the Ventana system you can afford to have waste 
hauled off--no matter how many states it must travel).
I try to convince folks this way-if that drain pipe went from your 
workplace, through the waste treatment plant, directly to your home 
would you allow your children/grandchildren/any loved one to drink it?
Sorry for the rant but ignorance and excuses make me crazy!

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